24Hr Worldwide Forensic Response

Global assistance for those who have lost the ability to speak for themselves

We offer a 24-hour service with potential deployment to location within hours for the initial response teams.

Who We Are

Blake Archaeology and Anthropology Services (BAAS) offer a comprehensive range of services in forensic archaeology, anthropology, and consult on a range of different forensic disciplines.

We are a UK based, family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on our personal, discrete, and 24-hour international response service for a large range of different situations.

Adaptable to your needs

At Blake Archaeology and Anthropology Services, we understand that every project is different and often requires its own bespoke solution. We work alongside our clients to develop a service that supports their needs and enables the project to run smoothly.

Whether you require advice, training for your team or for us to assist you in completing the project, we are available to discuss your needs. To find out how we can help you, send us an email at info@blakearchaeology.com.

A wide range of services available

Alongside the traditional expertise offered, we also have a large range of forensic experts available to assist, whatever your query.

Prepare for the unexpected

Commercial work is planned in advance and this was no exception with the work undertaken at a church in Kent for the installation of lighting to the exterior of the building. What was unexpected was the discovery of additional human remains under the floor of the church when assessing damage to the floor of the community hall.

Most likely originally disturbed when work was carried out on the church in the 1980s, these remains were unknown of by the current Parish Council and came as a bit of a shock. Luckily as we were carrying out our post-excavation work at the church at the time, we were able to provide advice, retrieve the remains and help with the reburial within the churchyard, ensuring that they will not be disturbed again.

Archaeologist retrieving remains from under floor of church

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