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We undertake work for a large range of clients, with some examples given below.



Our team works with both Public and Private entities on a range of preplanned projects in the developer led osteoarchaeology sector.

We can advise on projects where archaeological mitigation may be a factor from the planning stage, and work alongside you through to the completion of the work.

Our specialties lie in projects that have a strong potential for the discovery of osteological material, though we have the capacity and capability to undertake projects in other areas too. Contact us about your project to find out how we can assist you in accomplishing your goals.

o Commercial site worker with hardhat and heavy earth moving machinery



Highly trained and qualified team members within the forensic sector are a core part of our team, with many undertaking case work and expert witness testimony on a regular basis.

Alongside casework involving archaeology and anthropology, we also offer a peer review service in a range of other forensic sectors. Let us know what services you require and we will connect you with the specialists that can assist with your case. All of our team members undertaking forensic cases work the Blake’s Mental Health Care team, to ensure that they are fully supported every step of the way, especially important for those undertaking work of a highly sensitive nature.



Humanitarian work is often thought of as the assistance of those in need, specifically the living. However, for the living to heal from the trauma of conflict, genocide, war and other atrocities, the deceased also need to be given that same assistance and respect.

Our team aims to work alongside you and your communities to provide assistance when you need it the most, but with the upmost discretion and respect that should be afforded to all. Whether this work is to help locate and recover The Missing, repatriate those that were displaced, or to memorialise those that were lost, we are here to help.

Building damaged as a result of fire or conflict


Building for the future

We work alongside the local community for as long as needed, advising on appropriate facilities, equipment required and helping to build the skills within the community that will enable the work to continue long after our team has gone. We do this by considering the location and the budget available to build the facilities needed to undertake the work.

Our team are excellent at thinking outside of the box, and in many cases have helped to build temporary facilities so that the work can begin. Then we can work alongside you, teaching the skills needed to carry out the work in the long term and advising on where specialist help will be needed.

We believe that a capability and capacity building approach is often the best solution for the work we do, by assisting you to understand, what can be done within the community and what will require specialist help, we can ensure that your project can be completed, no matter your location. In fact, many of those we have worked alongside have later joined the team and work with us in helping others through similar circumstances.


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