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Forensic Archaeology

Forensic archaeology is the search, location and recovery of human remains and other potential evidence from suspected crime scenes.

We have a global team with vast experience in working globally locating, recovering, identifying, and repatriating remains from mass fatality incidents, war zones, mass graves and crime scenes. Our search capabilities include both terrestrial and aqueous techniques using a multidisciplinary approach of geophysical, archaeological, and search to maximise the potential for locating suspected burial locations from often remote and unusual locations.


Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology is the identification of human skeletal remains within the legal framework, or in response to a natural or mass disaster, or as the result of a crime being committed.

Alongside scene recovery, our anthropologists can assist with establishing a biological profile in cases where the remains have been physically altered through decomposition or an external agent, or where the remains are commingled, have been dismembered or individual bones are found scattered. We can also assist with additional specialist services, such as radiography, forensic odontology and facial reconstruction. All of our equipment is fully mobile, overcoming some of logistical issues with cases in remote locations. We also provide support with DNA analysis, stable isotope testing, and radiocarbon dating through our strategic partnerships.


Bone Identification Service

Our bone identification service is available 24/7 should you require rapid identification of questionable remains. Our team members can help you with assessing whether the remains are human, of potential forensic significance and offer advice on the next steps to be taken.

To access this service, please provide brief details of the discovery and photographs taken from a range of angles and with good lighting. Please try and refrain from moving or touching the remains if possible. You can send everything to boneid@blakearchaeology.com.

If your case is to be dealt with urgently and deemed potentially forensic, please call our 24hr line in advance to let us know your request is coming in. Please be aware that urgent enquiries outside of UK office hours will incur a charge. 


Additional Forensic Services

Our team members include experienced forensic professionals, crime scene investigators, ex-military and police personnel who work in a variety of locations across the globe.

The range of expertise is vast, and as such, leads to us assisting as peer reviewers and expert witnesses for a variety of cases. Using the experience gained through the often complex and high profile mass disaster work undertaken with Blake Emergency Services, we are very experienced in solving the logistical challenges of ensuring the facilities and equipment are available for use when required, along with ensuring local and international regulations and guidelines are adhered to. To find out how we can assist you, email us at info@blakearchaeology.com.



We believe that a capability and capacity building approach is often the best solution for the work we do. Working alongside your team for as long as you need us, we can advise on appropriate facilities, equipment required and help build the skills that will enable the work to continue long after we leave a location. All training is bespoke to your needs and the facilities you currently have available where ever you are in the world.

Additionally, we regularly provide lectures, seminars and simulation training to academic institutions, as well as conducting research to further develop the techniques currently used. Contact us at info@blakearchaeology.com to find out how we can apply our unique out of the box thinking to your training requirements.

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